The Stag Party Ideas

Your stag party is one of those moments in your life that (with any luck) should happen only once. If you are the best person and are responsible for organizing your friend’s deer, then you will surely want to do an excellent job. Take a look at the following stag party ideas, and hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

If you are in the UK, then Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds or Edinburgh are all great places to go on a great night. If you are North American, then Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, New York or Chicago will give you an incredible time. Just do not forget to book your accommodation in advance, because if you leave it until the last minute, you will not be able to find any rooms or, at best, pay much more.

Create a Facebook group for your stag party. Here you can excite all your friends from the start. You can also ask everyone to make suggestions on what they would like to do. You can keep everyone informed of events and any changes. Most importantly, you can request any advance money to pay deposits, etc.

You could even create an extra “real party” in the Facebook group, excluding the groom, to discuss ways to humiliate him! This way you can keep secrets from him too! It is essential to prepare some surprises for the groom during the night, as these are always the little things that are remembered the most.

Think about doing something completely different than everyone will like. How about rafting down white water, where you will all be tied to one big raft of wicker shackles, rushing downstream at high speed. Perhaps you could all go skydiving or golfing. How about an ATV or driving a tank? Or even foosball or sumo wrestling. Seriously think about doing something for your stag party that you will remember forever, and that the groom will be happy that he did with his closest friends.

You can all get matching t-shirts where you all have an awkward picture of the groom in a compromising pose. You may have to go straight to the bride to get this photo, but it’s worth seeing his face when you all wear it. You can use your Facebook group to offer silly signatures to it.